Monday, June 4, 2007

Advanced Filter

OK, let's say you have a list of items. It's a long list, and you know there are duplicates in the list. You want to condense the list to its unique items. You could use a pivot table or subtotals, but that's really too in-depth for you for this list at this point in time.

Advanced Filter to the rescue.

Quick, highlight your list of items. Or, click on the whole column. Now, click on Data-->Filter-->Advanced Filter.

You will see this dialog box:

Click on "Copy to another location"

Doing that will un-gray the "Copy to" box. Use your zoomy box to choose where your list with unique records only will reside. Now, click the "unique records only" box. Hit OK. You're done. Now, you have a comprehensive list of unique items.

Quick and Easy.