Friday, October 5, 2007

How you found me

Here are some keywords that brought you here. I wish I knew what you were looking for because I think I could help.

Excel Bring Second Value: I don't know what that could mean, but maybe you could try an If statement? Give me more, and I think I can help.

VLOOOKUP: I must have a typo like you. The problem here, friend, is one too many O's in your function. If you figured that out and still need more information, see here:VLOOKUP

Table Array Vlookup: I hope the VLOOKUP post helped in some way.

VLOOKUP Second Result: I don't know, but might I suggest an IF combined with an ISERROR and VLOOKUP, perhaps? See here.

My favorite: vlookup getting col_index_num from a list: You can totally do this, but I don't know why you would want to:
It looks like this:
=VLOOKUP(A7,Data!$A$2:$F$67,Sheet1!A12,0) When you fill in the formula, it moves down the list, too. That was pretty easy to figure out, though, so I'm sure the super user looking for this solution won't be happy with what I've shown him here.

stop copy and paste data validation: Have you tried to copy and then paste special, paste values?

complicated vlookup returning #value: There could be a lot of things to check here. You might try formatting the lookup values on the original worksheet and the in the table array exactly the same. When I'm really struggling and I know there should be a match, I use Data-->Text to columns to make sure everything is formatted exactly the same. Plus, if you can, highlight your lookup values, do a CTRL-F to find all spaces, and then replace all the spaces with nothing. This only works if your lookup values don't have spaces legitimately.

I really am happy to answer questions. It's quite possible I won't be able to help, but if I can, I will be happy to. Click on the Contact Me box, and I will be happy to help you out.